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How will people come to your website you might ask? We use smart paid video based advertising channels to deliver sales and leads to your website.

What sectors do you have experience in? Currently we've done explainer videos, short form blog videos for Digital marketing consultants, Blockchain gaming companies, tech startups and more.

Explainer video

More Influence create affordable explainer videos to explain what you do and increase sales on your website. See our example video explainer video to be used in Facebook ads below! If you'd like your own explainer video and please fill out the form here and we'll be in touch as soon as possible! video ad

Here’s our latest project for, an event and conference promotion platform.



I've just finished working with the guys and gals over at Lottoland, an online gaming company based out of Gibraltar who market an alternative to the UK National Lottery (and many other lotto's too). This particular project was to create a short 30 second explainer video for Facebook ads that would introduce an alternative for people based in the UK who like a flutter!

We started the brief by finding out the root of how Lottoland was different, and how we could use visuals to make a humorous feel to explain the different emotions someone goes through when picking their weekly lotto picks. The script was key to ensure that the audience identified with the person buying the ticket. The bearded lovable hipster chap wore the green t-shirt synonymous with Lottoland's brand colours.

The end result was a happy client who has kindly written us a testimonial of what it's like to work on a video marketing project with More Influence. We hope to help them release the potential of video marketing to the UK market and beyond! Oh, and here's the video!

I worked with More Influence on a ‘how to’ explanatory animation for a new product for use on social media advertising campaigns. Overall I had an exceptional experience, Mark worked closely with me on developing initial ideas and listened closely to feedback, particularly with regards to specific regulations that limited how we could advertise the product. Response times were very quick, all emails were responded to in a short amount of time and Mark was available for messaging or phone calls as needed. Throughout the process More Influence was there to provide guidance and take feedback.
— Dan Hawkins, Senior Search and Social Media manager, Lottoland.

Short video blog

Writing blogs take time, you need to hire a good writer then you need to get people to the blogs. Facebook's algorithm is changing all the time so you can't guarantee people will see your blog in their new feed either. How about summarising the blog post with the main points and boost your engagement with an short video blog below. We love new technologies so we created our own on the Augmented Reality market below.

B2B video ads

Similar to the Short Blog video format create a simple lead capture video ad for your email or paid media campaign. Here's one we did for our friends over at Binary Bear who are experts at conversion rate optimisation!

Brand Youtube channel 


Film shoot for food and wine pairing app Corkscrew. Created the brand Youtube channel for Corkscrew. Check out the Corkscrew Youtube channel to see all the content


Class is in session

Are you unsure what type of video? how long should the video be? portrait, landscape or square? Facebook or Youtube, Lots of questions I know! You could spend weeks and months learning (or you could work with us!) Learn More


March 2018

Mark did a great job for us at Ales by Mail driving online sales and helping us develop innovative ways to leverage social media. He has tons of relevant e-commerce, search (SEO/SEM), social media and general digital knowledge. Plus he's reliable, easy to work with and is on top of the latest trends and new technology. I would highly recommend Mark and look forward to working with again in the near future.

Dylan Fuller, Ecommerce Director,



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